April 10, 2005

You Will Need:

10 Cups of Red Crusting Buttercream. Leave white if using an airbrush.
2-3 Cups of Black Crusting Buttercream
1/2 Cup of White Crusting Buttercream for Inner Eyes
Parchment, Waxed or Plain Paper
Wooden Dowel (One End Sharpened)
Styrofoam Wig Head
2 10" Round Cakes
1 8" Round Cake Quartered
13x19" Cake Board Doubled and Covered
Viva Paper Towels for Smoothing
Tip #3 for Webbing
Tip #7 or 8 for Eyes/Spider

Step 1

I baked these cakes using 3" pans.

Step 2

Layer 10" cakes. Cut 8" cake in half
and layer halves together. Cut this
in half to make shoulders. Arrange
cake as shown using buttercream to
glue pieces together. Insert
sharpened dowel into wig head.
Insert wig head into the center
of 10" cake.

Step 3

Trim off any sharp edges.

Step 4

Frost everything with buttercream
including the wig head. Let icing
crust and then smooth with Viva
paper towels by gently laying one
on the surface and smoothing with
your hand.

Step 5 (Optional)

If using an airbrush, now is the time
to airbrush him red. Use several light
coats until the desired shade of red
is achieved.

Step 6

Time to give Spidey his webs using
tip #3 and medium-thin consistency
buttercream. Begin at the "nose"
by making a small circle. Working
outward, pipe on the webs as shown.
I made this image B&W so the webs
would be easier to see.

Step 6 Continued


Step 7

Using parchment, waxed or plain paper,
cut out two eyes (use reverse of image
to make other eye). You might have to
resize them depending on the size of
your wig head. Place the templates
onto the head where you would like
them to be. I placed them on either
side of the "nose".

Step 8

Gently rub the eye templates to
leave an imprint in your crusted
buttercream. Carefully remove the
templates. Using tip #7 or 8 and
black buttercream, pipe around
the imprint. Fill in with white
buttercream. Let crust. Gently
smooth eyes with Viva paper


Pipe spider onto chest or use a
plastic one from the party supply
store. Serves about 50.